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I knew a guy once who joined an

for the first time in his life.  He thought it was the next best thing since sliced bread.

He spent each hour of his day working on it.  He was seduced by the promises. He wanted the Lamborghinis. The hot girls. The freedom.

He took massive action.

He put ads in the newspaper to prospect people.

He bugged his friends on social media.

He annoyed his family.

He sounds like a prick, right?

The truth is that the guy really believed in the MLM. He knew it could help him. He knew it could help others. That’s why he tried so hard.

Fast forward to today.

The MLM was shut down by the government.

The guy lost the small team it took him years to built.

His income shrunk overnight. He was forced to go back to his 80-hours per week job. His friends and family yelled, “we told you so!”

This guy is my brother.

Looking back at his choices, I know that entrepreneurialism runs in our blood.

The only difference?

My brother made one bad choice and he paid for it.

I did one smart choice and I am on my way to freedom.

Go here to find my choice.