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I am lucky.

Unlike many people online, I’ve never experience a huge failure.

Sure, I’ve had setback.

But I didn’t go bankrupt.

My friends and family still return my calls… rather than giving me a “oh no, here we go again look” when I talk about my business.

I wasn’t scammed by any of the online gooroos.

In fact, I only had one tiny failure.

What was that?

Investing in traffic that never converted into leads.

You might think “Big deal!” and you’ll be right.

But I invested $3,000 in it.

Not an amount to sneeze at.

What was the result down the line?

My progress stagnated for two months.

I didn’t have money to invest into the good traffic sources.

Plus I missed a couple of opportunities because I didn’t want to rush things and make a bad choice again.

The way I look at it, two months is a long time.

If I wasn’t doing well with my business, the setback would last longer.

Again, I am lucky.

But others aren’t.

People come to me, after losing a lot more money on much worse choices.

It is hard to get the ball rolling and start winning again.

Thankfully, it is possible.

And success is practically guaranteed once you have a success coach who can show you the way.

Here’s the good news for you:

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